For most college students, going abroad for an entire semester or summer is hard. Trust us, we get it - we created the Sage Corps Start! Program to offer an alternative. The Program runs for just two weeks when most schools are on break, eliminating the need to miss any of your classes. We’ve also selected some English-friendly options as Start! destinations to alleviate language barrier concerns. And you still get all the benefits of a Sage Corps program, including our pre-departure curriculum modules, in-country programming and accommodations, free time and cultural excursions, and of course, the chance to do real work with a real startup. So let’s do it - here's how it works:

Fill out an

Admission decision
within 48 hours

Accept 0ffer-
sign agreement

Pay program deposit

Complete pre-departure planning and curriculum

Arrive in your country

During your micro-internship, you will be matched with a local startup and work with your assigned team to envision, create, and complete a project related to that company’s specific needs. These projects will vary, and could include:

Creating a new market or go-to-market strategy

Completing a website audit

Performing data analytics of key metrics

Building a pitch deck for potential clients, customers, or investors


Do you have a group of 10 or more students interested in a global startup trek? Contact us for customized programming - we can even look at other global cities in our network!